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Garage D.A. Ashruf Cross Border Tours offers you exclusive group tours to our neighbor French Guiana!

French Guiana is a unique tourist destination due to its culture, diversity and ecosystem. Garage D.A. Ashruf Cross Border Tours offers a fun tour with friends or family to St. Laurent, Kourou and Cayenne.

We invite you to discover the splendor of French Guiana!

Saint-Laurent-Du Maroni

After a short crossing with the ferry from Albina, you arrive in St. Laurent. You are immediately abroad: French Guyana. The border town is unmistakably a French provincial town. The neatly constructed roads and buildings with beautiful wrought iron gates and brick masonry are immediately visible.
As in a typical French village there is a Square of Independence and every Wednesday and Saturday you can visit the market. There are also some recreation areas with beautiful waterfalls, which you can visit on request.



Some of the attractions in French Guiana are along the 250 km long coastal road between St. Laurent and the capital Cayenne. About 60 kilometers from Cayenne lies the pride of the nation: the Guiana Space Center.

The rocket base has a space museum and regularly launches take place from the visitor center. 



Duivelseiland, Iles Du Salut

After an exciting one-and-a-half hour drive over turquoise blue sea from Kourou on a catamaran, you arrive at Devil's Island, the northernmost island of Iles Du Salut.

Devil's Island was used in the 19th century by the French regime of Napoleon III to house political prisoners. The historic prison can still be visited and the area is known for beautiful nature and animals that can be seen there. In addition, you can also swim safely in the sea.



The center of Cayenne shows a nice mix of classic French architecture and a Caribbean lifestyle. The diversity of residents is reflected in the different types of restaurants. Just outside the city center, tourists can enjoy modern shopping centers and supermarkets.

Our neighbor French Guiana is a 'must visit' for everyone who lives in Suriname. You choose the period and we design the perfect trip for you. In comfortable air conditioning buses we accompany you from Paramaribo to Cayenne.



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